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Product Manual

From raw material procurement, production process to product delivery, every process of our products adopts strict monitoring and management standard measures to ensure that all safety performance indicators of our products are standard.

Cleaning instructions

1. Initial cleaning Wash with water to wash away surface dirt. Note that it can only be washed with cold water or warm water within 38 degrees to prevent affecting product life and elasticity.

2. deep cleaning After rinsing with clean water, apply shower gel or hand sanitizer to the surface of the product, rub it and rinse off.

3. Wipe and dry Wipe water stains on the surface of the product with a dry cloth, and it needs to be completely wiped dry.

4. Apply talcum powder After the doll is cleaned and dried, it is necessary to apply talcum powder to the whole body. (The product is applied with talcum powder at the factory)

Other instrctions

1.Side fusion The traces of fusion on the side are certain to occur during the production process, which is a normal phenomenon.

2.Skin tone The product has 3-5 skin tones, and each skin color has a slight color difference

3.Eye difference Because the production batches of the eyes are different, there will be slight differences, and the position of the eyeballs can be adjusted manually.

4.Product smudges If you accidentally contaminate the color, you can clean it with a decolorizing cream, and it is prohibited to wear dark clothes.

5.Size deviation Because of different measurement methods, there will be an error of 1~5cm. 6.Sign for inspection Careful inspection is required when signing for receipt, and the goods cannot be returned after receipt. Please contact us in time for quality problems.

Precautions for use

1. Do not use sharp objects to scratch the surface of the skin, and do not pinch the surface of the skin to avoid accidental injury.

2. It should not be placed under direct sunlight for a long time, so as not to cause the product to age and affect its use.

3. Indentation appears due to prolonged squeezing, and hot towel can be used to compress the area for a while.

4. It is forbidden to take a posture outside the factory for a long time, and return to the original posture after use. Standing is prohibited for non-standing models.

5. It is forbidden to use strong irritating liquid for disinfection and cleaning. People with allergies should perform a series of material tests on the material before use.

6. Doll storage conditions: Do not expose to long-term sunlight. The environment is recommended to be dry and cool, clean and sanitary, with a temperature of 3-35 degrees. Do not place heavy objects on the body of the doll.

7. It is forbidden to put the doll directly on the hard floor or table when in use. You can choose to spread a layer of soft blanket.

Damage and repair method

1.If the surface of the doll is damaged in a small area, you can use glue to bond it, and the first time Clean the damaged surface, restore the glue on the wound to its original position, and apply a layer of glue evenly It can be dried after about half an hour, no repairs or other questions, please do not apply for a refund Take a good video and contact us, we will provide targeted solutions based on your doll’s specific situation deal with.

2.Different degrees of cracking appeared on the surface of the doll. Damaged, please stop using it immediately, as soon as possible Effective repair. Please refer to the first item for the repair method. If there is a large area and serious damage, please Do not repair directly, take a good video and contact us, we will provide it according to the specific situation of your doll Deal with specific solutions, or return to local for repair.